About Me

Tyrell Davis-Douglin

My name is Tyrell Davis-Douglin. I am both an aspiring entrepreneur from South Norwood and self appointed ambassador for young people in Croydon. I like to stay productive and learn new things as I am aware that it is only those who authentically work for success that actually succeed. Therefore on my current journey I am willing to work and attain as much knowledge, networking connections and as many skills as humanly possible, in order for me to develop into my final desired character as a well established individual.

Mr. Prospect
The nickname 'Mr. Prospect' came alongside the development of my business 'ProspectFTF' which targets young people and  aims to provide them with relevant opportunities to operate where their passions lay. 'Prospect' defined is 'the apparent probability of success, profit and advancement'. The idea behind 'Mr. Prospect' is that I wish to be regarded as  an individual that creates/produces things likely to succeed. 
Outside of my entrepreneurial  lifestyle, I am also a music artist. I have a selection of music videos and a complete EP posted online that spread nothing but positivity and good vibes.
I use music as a form of expression and aim to use it to empower, motivate, relate and release a new sound that uplifts my audience, whilst giving me the chance showcase all that I have achieved and pay homage where its due.  

What I Get Up To Nowadays

My Assignment -

From a young age I have fantasized about enjoying the luxuries of life and have dreamt of being a well-known successful member of society, and as I have matured I have come to the realization that it is only those who authentically only work to achieve their aspirations actually achieve their aspirations.

Coming from the background that I do, if you don’t play your cards right, not many supernormal opportunities will come your way. And in the past I have been faced with many stereotypical views in which people have doubted my ability to accomplish based on my dress code and the area that I come from. However... I will tell you like I told Mayor Of Croydon Tonni-Letts, ‘I live to defy the stereotypes against me’.


Unfortunately, my borough is currently experiencing increased crime rates, especially in knife crime, which I know is due to a lack of visible opportunity for our young people. There currently isn’t anything for our young people to do, nowhere for them to go, nothing for them to look forward to and a lack of opportunity available for them to pursue their passions... Resulting in increased crime rates to both  satisfy their boredom and maintain at least one source of income to avoid complete poverty.


As a result, I have taken on the responsibility of bettering the lives of our young people, by making attempts to provide an attractive alternative lifestyle.

Therefore... I am now an:

-Ambassador For The Youth Of Croydon (Looking to expand nationally)

-Empowerment Coach

-Project/Events Manager


-Music Artist

-Positive Role Mode

-Clothing Designer

-Public Speaker

-C.E.O of ProspectFTF