'ProspectFTF', standing for an apparent probability of success, profit and advancement ForTheFuture, is a benchmark platform that liaises with both young people and established businesses in order to increase interconnectivity, whilst providing opportunities for young people to showcase their businesses, talents and capabilities.

My goal is to develop a relationship with a senior manager in every corporate business in London, starting in Croydon, so that when I come across a young individual with high ambitions to succeed, I can break them down to see what career path they are pursuing and what they wish to achieve with their future, so that I can go directly to the relevant senior manager and get them into some kind of shadow work, or even paid work in order for them to attain relevant experience, increasing the likelihood of their future success.

The fuelling for this business came from the fact that there is a lack of opportunity for our current young people. It is becoming more and more difficult for young people to succeed in their preferred field of work, whether it be in construction, finance, art or singing and this is happening due to a variety of different reasons. Some young people are talented but not very confident in themselves to network with the relevant people that can push them further. Others are distracted and do not know what they want to do in life. And many know what they want to do, are aware of their capabilities but have not been given the opportunity to get involved or speak to the right people.

In response, my company collaborates and hosts different events catering to the needs of young people to contribute to their path towards success. For aspiring Music Artists, Dancers, Singers and Magicians - There will be a Prospect Talent Show pt2. For aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and test ideas - There will be Prospect Days inviting established entrepreneurs to come to advise and endorse these young peoples businesses and ideas. 

We are about providing and creating opportunity :D