Prospect Living Academy


6 Week Positive Activist Programme



Week 1 – Introduction – I want to know you.


Week 2 – Prospect 'Mindset' Training – How I can help you. Understanding how you would best like to be supported.


Week 3 – 1Back2TheFutur3 Planning.


Week 4 – Positive Outworks Begin – Content development, enabling positive expression.


Week 5 – Positive Outworks Concluded. Character Development Begins.


Week 6 – Content Creation With Newly Erected Character 


Within every curriculum establishment, there is usually a format.

A learning process in place for students to work their way through, which typically guarantees a young person character growth and exposure to new information.


Our 6 week process at Prospect Living Academy looks like this:



Jace TT.jpeg

Prospect Training Client Photo: (JACE Apprenticeships)

1Back2TheFuture Planning


Prospect Training:

We remove barriers, renew mindsets and teach how to plan



Students plan out their own desirable futures



Students leave with a personalised plan which details instructions (written by themselves) for how they are going to reach their desirable futures