Welcome To Prospect Training

‘Prospect Training’ contributes to the complete renewal and mastery of ones mind.



At ProspectFTF, we believe that a strong positive mindset with a matching work ethic is the only way to create success...

Therefore we have mastered an effective blueprint that details how one can not only renew their mindset, translating negative energies into motivation and work ethic, but also how to effectively plan almost anything that you desire to accomplish in 10 minutes!


This youth lead two hour journey deeply focuses on self awareness and deep reflection of oneself. We take you on a journey to primarily uncover what the things that you want from life are... uncover the things in which you believe may be acting as a barrier for you, preventing you from reaching those things... and show you that there isn’t actually much preventing you from reaching those things...        





- Part of the course focuses primarily on reinforcing the power behind forming personal relationships with different people, and most importantly teaches what most miss out.. How someone can go about forming and maintaining personal relationships with other people, whilst utilising that relationship to actually benefit from it.        


– The unique use of ‘Prospect Analogies’ and ‘ProspectFTF’s’ divine planning system, ‘1Back2TheFutur3’ planning allows ‘Prospect Training’ to effectively communicate a ray of different ideologies, perspectives and important life lessons, such as the well-known: ‘You need to take responsibility over your life’, as well as providing a simple, in depth , structured plan that allows you to productively accomplish tasks and objectives on a daily basis related to you reaching your ideal future lifestyle.

We leave young people with a completely renewed mindset, ready to go and rightfully collect all the fruitful things that they deserve from life.

Our empowerment coaches, (none of which surpassing the age of 21yrs old), adopt useful and effective methods of communication to convey different messages, so that candidates can digest some of the most complex ideologies as if it were baby food.

We leave our students with a personalised, straight forward ‘1Back2TheFutur3 Plan’, that structures how they can go about authentically chasing their personal desires... Every single day!







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And once the two hour duration of the session has flown by and the coach leading the session has gone through some of our famous ‘Prospect Living Quotes’, we hope for our session participants to feel comfortable with referring to themselves as ‘prospects’... things/people likely to succeed.